Maneuvering Your Career as a Young Communicator SIG: PART TWO

Are you starting out your communications career? Are you facing difficulties like finding job opportunities, feeling your skillsets are underutilized, or making the transition into a new role? Join us for our second IABC Ottawa Special Interest Group (SIG) on Maneuvering Your Career as a Young Communicator!

Time: Wednesday, May 23rd from 6-7:30pm

Location: BLACK SQUIRREL BOOKS & ESPRESSO BAR, 1073 Bank Street, Ottawa, Ontario

This exclusive, members-only discussion group is a fantastic opportunity to network with your peers, brainstorm ideas, and discuss what unique opportunities you have as a young professional in Ottawa.

Discussion will be moderated by Kristine D’Arbelles, Senior Manager of Public Affairs for the Canadian Automobile Association and co-host of the Young PR Pros podcast.

Only 10 tickets will be made available for this event, so get your tickets before they sell out! You need to be an IABC Ottawa member to join. 

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A commitment to authenticity: IABC Ottawa profile of Rojen Izzetpanah

Ro Izzetpanah has held many positions in her career. Finance specialist with the Government of Canada. Customer Service Representative for a major national bank. Manager of Marketing for an amateur baseball team.

But what some might call “job hopping” or indecisiveness is actually, for Izzetpanah, reflective of her broader philosophy on marketing communications.

It all comes down to authenticity.

“The further you get from your authentic self the more it can be seen through, and to succeed in communications I think that staying true to a voice, and being able to act in a digital world the same way that you do in real life, earns respect you and allows people to believe in your brand,” says Izzetpanah.

A space for like-minded professionals

Izzetpanah currently works in digital communications with the Senate of Canada and is a member of IABC Ottawa. She says she joined because she wanted to network with other professionals and exchange ideas with like-minded professionals working in working the same space. Since joining she’s found value in the fun events and inspirational speakers. It’s just one part of her unique approach to career-building.

The other half? Her commitment to authenticity.

Finding authenticity

There is no denying that the rise of the internet has been a boon to marketing and communications professionals. There are now more tools than ever available to reach audiences. But to Izzetpanah it’s also changed some interactions for the worse. “I think that when whether you’re in marketing, public relations or really any communications role, the point of the internet is to create relationships,” says Izzetpanah.

The problem, she says, is that it’s difficult to see those relationships through the numbers that frequently dominate internet marketing campaigns.

“As communications professionals are paid to produce results it’s easy to get caught up in the numbers and information that you can provide to a client, things like x amount of impressions on their company’s name or logo,” she says. “But as humans we crave real things – it’s in our nature, to care about raw, real things.”

Those brands that are willing to show their flaws and connect with audiences on a human level will find more lasting success, says Izzetpanah.

Always something to learn

That commitment to authenticity also informs Izzetpanah’s broader career strategy.

I move from place to place because I believe there’s something to learn in each one of those industries

She’s held several positions at multiple organizations – including Correctional Service of Canada, TD, the Ottawa Champions – in just a few years. “I’ve always been all over the place,” she says. “My career path is very similar to the way my brain works – I move from place to place because I believe there’s something to learn in each one of those industries.”

She’s the first to acknowledge how it looks to outsiders – “many of my peers have laughed at me, and told me to settle down and just pick something” – but says she’s just staying true to herself.

“I am a strong believer that we can do anything we want, especially when we’re young,” she says. “I’ve always focused on trying new things based on the opportunity to learn.”

Connect with Ro Izzetpanah on LinkedIn.

How to increase the value of communications with public consultations

Join us to learn about building trust through public consultations on May 22

The 2018 Edelman Trust Barometer reveals that people continue to distrust the media, government and organizations. As strategic communicators, we play a key role in shifting the pendulum from distrust to trust.

Over the last year, Ottawa has seen an increase in public consultations, where companies use open communication to measure and improve audience’s perceptions. This process is used to improve efficiency, transparency and public involvement in large-scale projects, as audiences are more likely to respect organizations when they feel part of important decision-making processes.

In a similar way, the public is increasingly seeing subject matter experts and CEOs as trusted sources of information. For this reason, organizations who invite communication experts to the executive table are gaining trust at a faster rate, and their business leaders are registering much higher levels of credibility.

It is our job to help business leaders use communications to confront, address and solve business problems in today’s world.

We’re engaging a panel of experts to speak about how they’ve positioned themselves as a trusted strategic business partner to help different organizations gain public credibility.

What you’ll learn:

  • Build trust within your organization and beyond
  • Increase the value of communications for business leaders
  • Combat false narratives in the media

The Panelists:

Get your ticket to attend this Professional Development event!

Event Details 
Date: Tuesday, May 22
Time: 5:30 to 8:30 PM
Where: steak & sushi (87 Clarence Street)

Get your ticket to attend this Professional Development event!